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Lotte and I spent about three days in Pattaya, in which everything seems to revolve around go-go bars. There were a rediculous amount of Thai women walking around with Western men - a white guy without a female Thai "escort" is such a rarity that I get strange looks when I walked around with my "non-Thai" escort - Lotte.

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Three Pagodas Pass

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Lotte and I travelled to Sangkhlaburi, the town closest to the Three Pagodas Pass, which, over the centuries, has been the invasion route for the Burmese, a station for the Death Railway during World War II, and a stronghold for local rebels fighting for autonomy. It is also located at the border of Myanmar (Burma) and much smuggling occurs there.

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People in Kanchanaburi

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We've met some interesting people in Kanchanaburi. We met one guy from London who didn't realise that there was a problem with AIDS in Thailand (and had spent many a night having unprotected sex at Brothels). We also played pool with a middle aged couple from Canada, "Rog and Barb", who were loud and annoying enough to be American. They said that they had never heard of the rule that if you commit a foul shot, then the other person gets two shots (because in Canada they play it differently) - this despite the fact that the guy lived in Australia for a number of years. The guy then said it must be one of those rules like they have in "No Rules Football", an extremely lame pun on Australian Rules Football. To make them more annoying, the guy was a close talker, constantly invading my personal space (to the point that his nose was almost touching my chin) and would just stare at me until i gave a satisfactory response to any questions he had for me (unless he decided to answer them himself of course). Thankfully, they eventually went away.

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We've been in and around Kanchanaburi - about 130km West of Bangkok - for five days now and it's been a lot of fun. Kanchanaburi's most well known attraction is the River Kwai Bridge - made famous by the 1957 movie "The Bridge on the River Kwai". We're staying at a "raft house" - a bamboo house that floats on the River Kwai. It's pretty cool - whenever a boat speeds past our house rocks up and down in the water. At times it feels like being on a small fishing boat going through some rough sea.

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We're Multiplying

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*BACKGROUND INFORMATION: My Dad's name is Dermot* Ok I've just recently met another guy called Dermot. Not only is this a rare occurance (I've only met two other Dermots that weren't related to me), but this guy's father's name is Dermot. What are the Odd's? Not only that, but we were born at about the same time at around the same place. Strange...

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