Found Lotte and "Found Attractive"

Submitted by derms on Sat, 04/12/2004 - 5:17am.

Well i eventually met up with Lotte and we ended up staying at a hotel located in China Town in Kualar Lumpur. I have to say that it has been an interesting experience. Those responsible for planning KL seemed to have overlooked the fact that people may actually want to walk somewhere. The roads in a lot of places are extremely narrow and there is no pavement, so you have to navigate through a never ceasing barage of traffic. Also for some reason no one, particilarly those on motor bikes, seems to obey any traffic laws what so ever (one of our taxi drivers took it upon him self to drive in the middle of two lanes for no apparent reason)

Traffic aside, KL is pretty cool. The markets in China Town are packed with people hawking a lot of counterfit goods - DVD's, clothes, watches etc. I bought a "genuine copy" Rolex (or so the guy told me) for about $30 Australian and it's still working. You really have to haggle with the people if you want to get a decent price. Each time you suggest a lower price they look really offended and offer a price that is slightly lower than they offered last time. At a certain point in the negotiation you have to walk away and pretend that you don't really want it. They enevitably come running after you with the response "ok, ok, 80 Ringet?" (Ringet is the Malaysian currency)

One of my more harrowing ordeals to date happened to me while I was sitting on the toilet (and no it wasn't the result of an "exit wound" inflicted by a spicy Malay Dish). Basically, while I was doing my thing someone in the next cubicle slipped me a note. It read something like this - "I would like to kiss/suck your peynis (sic). Please call me on xxx-xxxxx or xxxx-xxxx. If you don't want to, thats ok". Suffice to say I didn't hang around.

Speaking of toilets, there is a certain etiquite that must be followed when using Muslim Toilets (of which the majority are - goto if you're really interested). To summise, you squat over the toilet (which is at ground level) and clean yourself with water that usually comes out of a hose (no toilet paper).

In non-toilet related news we went to the Petronas Towers (which are the largest buildings in the world). Nice view. Lotte is very scared of heights though and didn't last long up there.

In the nighttime we drank at a few places in the "Golden Triangle", which is the main entertainment district in KL. It was pretty interesting. We went to quite a few places, including the "Outback" pub - a Malay take on Australian pubs - where I ordered an Aussie Outback specialty - the "Jamaican Sunrise" Cocktail. Lotte ordered a Fosters because she hadn't had one before (she was only in Australia for 2 years ffs). After I gave my order, the bar attendant replied "No Worries Mate". I mean, I never even got that from a bar attendant in Australia. I must admit, it was pretty funny.

The alcohol in Malaysia isn't as cheap as I thought it would be - one place we went to in the "Golden Triangle" charged about $22 Australian for a jug of local beer, although we did get some free entertainment (a Malay crossdresser was harrassing "Jack & Jill" from Canada - that was their actual names - I mean, what were they thinking hooking up with each other).

Anyway, that's all from KL for the moment. Next stop Meleka, which is in the South of Peninsular Malaysia.

Oh yeah, and the food here is amazing

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