Why am I a freak?

Submitted by derms on Mon, 29/11/2004 - 4:16pm.

I've only been in singapore 2 hours and already 5 people have looked at me and just laughed. I can't work out why...every time it happens I keep checking my fly (the usual culprit - at least for me ;) and its fully zipped. I mean, do I really look that stupid? (probably) Even as I'm typing this a group of people are looking at me - making some comment - and then loosing it. Others are just giving me strange looks. I think I'll take a photo of myself and try to work it out later...

Anyway it's been an eventfull day - not exciting - just full of "events" that I left until the last possible day to sort out - such as my tax return from last year (I can hear my parents laughing from here). I have to admit there's a certain "rush" that comes from leaving everything to the last possible minute, but then the stupidity of it hits you pretty much straight after - particularly when, with only 5 minutes remaining before you leave for the airport, you're trying to reassemble your parents computer while encoding mp3's while transfering them simultaniously to your ipod while installing microsoft office while packing your bag. I exagerate, but not by much

I'm now sitting alone in the internet cafe at Mc Donalds in Singapore Airport and have had an ephiany. All computer programming should be outsourced to Mc Donalds. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Mc Donalds is the number one supplier of unhealthy foods which keep programmers in optimal coding condition - a state know as "fuck-off fat" (named as such because the response most likely to be received by these programmers when they ask someone out is "fuck-off"). This ensures that the programmers have no social life and so will spend their spare time (of which there is a lot) honing their craft. Reducing the proximity of the programmers to their food source to zero will yield unheard of productivity.

I find the concept of internet at mc donalds a bit strange. I imagine someone will probably do a documentary on how "surfing the net" at mc donalds for 30 days straight made them fat - with the condition that they had to "go broadband" if they were offered it. Mc Donalds would then counter with a new "carb conscious" internet offering, which contained zero carbs but was actually just as unhealthy (I mean really, just now many carbs did the internet have to begin with)

I think sleep deprevation is taking its toll on me...

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