Submitted by derms on Sat, 29/01/2005 - 6:33pm.

Lotte left for Amsterdam from Kuala Lumpur on the 27th and left me all alone :( My flight leaves from Sinagpore and goes to Frankfurt. I spent a day and a half in Singapore, staying in a 16 bed dorm at a Hostel in the "Little India" district (the food is awesome!). I went out to dinner with four people staying in my dorm. One was a gay flight attendant from Canada, another was a Frenchman, who spent a lot of time talking about how many girlfriends he has and how he manages to juggle them (he looked at me at bit strange when I started taking notes ;) The other two were a Norwegian box packer and a Swiss girl who had spent the last six months travelling around Asia.

After dinner I went to some of the pubs/clubs that the lonelyplanet recommended. They were either really expensive and/or really dead. I ordered a midie of tiger from one place and it cost me $10 (Singaporean - about $8 Australian!). I'm starting to lose faith in the lonelyplanet guides as it wasn't the first time they had steered me wrong.

Singapore is basically a city on an island and the epitome of a modern city. It is an exceptionally clean, strict and well organsied city. Fines for littering are $1000 Singaporean dollars (about $800 Australian!). There is very little traffic due to the ludicrously high cost of having a car in Singapore. Their MRT train system is the best, most efficient system and most inexpensive train system I've ridden.

I visited some of the sights - a few temples here and there - and some of the other historical buildings, such as the Raffles Hotel. One of the more interesting aspects to Singapore is "Singlish" - Singapore English. Some words have different meanings compared to Oxford English, such as:

  • arrow : pinpoint/pick on - "Why he arrow me to do this?"
  • choose : browse - "Choose, choose, choose, but never buy, is it?"
  • what? : eh? huh? - "You never give me, what?"
  • action : show off - "That fellow always like to action, walking around with his Rolex over his shirt sleeves."
  • blur : does not know what is going on - "He hasn't read up on the background to this project and was very blur at the meeting."

Another good thing about Singapore is it's cheap electronics - something I took full advantage of by buying a laptop for a song. Anyway, that's it from Singapore (and Asia). Next stop, Germany.

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Submitted by dirk on Tue, 01/02/2005 - 6:15pm.

I think ERG developed the smart card system for the trains you speak so highly of. So Dave Fatboy (not his real first name, I can't remember what it was) was actually doing something after all.
Lonely planet is written by people who are all over 35 and prefer history and culture to being fondled by singaporean transsexuals.
Everyone from my old company who went to singapore recommended a place called the four floors of whores, although that wasn't its real name.
Ask Adam, he goes there a lot now.

Submitted by adamr on Wed, 02/02/2005 - 11:14am.

Not a lot - I've been there twice thank you very much.

Orchard Towers, if you're on your own any taxi driver can take you there, you'll receive lots of attention whether you want it or not. I will warn you that the only way to tell the difference is through inspection.

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