Submitted by derms on Sat, 22/01/2005 - 11:38am.

Lotte and I spent about three days in Pattaya, in which everything seems to revolve around go-go bars. There were a rediculous amount of Thai women walking around with Western men - a white guy without a female Thai "escort" is such a rarity that I get strange looks when I walked around with my "non-Thai" escort - Lotte.

Pattaya is basically a westernised holiday resort area, but the beaches are crap and everything is expensive (by Thai standards). The entertainment district is massive. There are soo many bars - unfortunately they're pretty much all the same. They fall into three categories:

  • Go-Go Bars: Girls dancing on a stage
  • Gay Go-Go Bars: Guys dancing on a stage
  • <insert name of Western country> themed bars: Each country had at least one themed bar - the bars are half indoor, half outdoor and look like they were built in 3 hours by a blindman using cardboard. But a least you could buy the traditional drink of <insert name of Western country> - which for some reason was always Heineken

That aside, it was interesting to see. We saw some Thai boxing, and i went go-karting and bungy jumping. The go-karting was fun, but I opted to go for a less expensive (and hence slower) model of go-kart. Everyone else on the track was nowhere near as cheap as me, and hence were nowehere near as slow as me. Bungy jumping was awesome (I jumped 50m).

Lotte and I also went to the Rippleys "Believe it or Not" Museum. It was more like a mini themepark. They had a "haunted house adventure" thingy that was actually pretty scarey. Also featured was an "inifinity illusion maze", which consisted of different rooms full of glass and strange lighting. It was actually really impressive.

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