We're Multiplying

Submitted by derms on Sat, 08/01/2005 - 6:10pm.

*BACKGROUND INFORMATION: My Dad's name is Dermot* Ok I've just recently met another guy called Dermot. Not only is this a rare occurance (I've only met two other Dermots that weren't related to me), but this guy's father's name is Dermot. What are the Odd's? Not only that, but we were born at about the same time at around the same place. Strange...

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Submitted by smyth on Fri, 14/01/2005 - 1:21pm.

Hmmmm..... strange one alright....when we were kids , we called your dad "Mushy"... so count yourself lucky....
Hi Dermot , tony here, we are enjoying reading about your travels, the photos and movies look great, We have passed on the good word.
so be good , talk to your soon,
Nanny and tony.

Submitted by dm on Wed, 12/01/2005 - 4:56pm.

i dont know about everyone else, but when i saw this heading i thought - oh, oh - i was expecting to have news of this dermot smyth multiplying.


Submitted by dirk on Mon, 10/01/2005 - 4:39pm.

What have I told you about talking to the mirror?

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