Submitted by derms on Wed, 05/01/2005 - 1:57pm.

Lotte and I have spent a day and a half in Ayuthaya. We've spent the majority of our time trekking around the town by bicycle. We checked out the many wats and temples littered around the old Thai capital. It was pretty interesting.

All around town packs of wild dogs roam the streets. Apparently there was a proposal to cull some of the dogs but the buddhist monks discouraged the killings - and hence the dogs roam free. A town not far is overrun by monkeys. Some of their antics include smearing their faeces over cars. Their culling was prohibited for the similar reasons as the wild dogs. The monkeys are now such a tourist attraction and bring so much money that the locals have an annual feast for the monkeys where their favourite dishes are served.

Not sure where we are going next - possibly West or South Thailand (or possibly not ;)

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