Khmer Rouge

Submitted by derms on Fri, 31/12/2004 - 2:33pm.

So many people we met in Cambodia had relatives that were killed by the Khmer Rouge. They slaughtered 2 million people all up. One of our tour guides grandfather was killed by the Khmer Rouge. One of our boat drivers entire family was slaughtered. He was only a baby and his family gave him to the neighbours before they were taken away. One of our motorbike drivers told us his wife and children were murdered in Phnom Penh. He moved to Battambang because being in Phnom Penh reminded him too much of his family.

I mentioned before that one of our tour guides was an ex-Khmer Rouge chief and that he was forced at gun point to join the Khmer Rouge army at 15 or 16. What I failed to mention was that prior to joining the KR, his three older brothers were murdered by the KR. His dad was so distraught by this that he killed himself. While in the KR (he spent a total of 16 years with them), he met with Pol Pot a number of times each year. He was extremely glad when Pol Pot died and was very happy to get out of the Khmer Rouge.

In spite of these atrocities, the Cambodians are amazingly resilient and are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

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