Bangkok Breakdown

Submitted by derms on Sun, 19/12/2004 - 1:51pm.

Ok, I've gotten a bit behind in my blogging, so I'll give you a brief run down on the rest of our time spent in Bangkok (for the moment - we return for New Years but more on that later).

One of the touristy/backpacker must do's when in Thailand is the lengendary Kao San Road. It was initially a hippie haven but has now turned into a tribute to the backpacker culture. It has everything a smelly backpacker could want - cheap accomodation, cheap food, cheap beer and cheap women (the latter being in abundance ;).

As mentioned before, a considerable amount of time in Bangkok has been spent shopping. I decided to pack *extremely* light as I intended on buying some of the cheap clothing available in Malaysia and Thailand. I was in dire need of a new wardrobe - as I'm sure everyone at my previous work would agree (I work the same thing to work every day for 2 years). Unfortunately my plan backfired somewhat as I failed to take into account that the Thai and Malay people are practically midgets - at least comapred to me. I have been able to find only a handful of trousers that actually fit me and as for shoes - let me just say that any time I mentioned my shoe size the salesmen just laugh. Not a good sign. My problem was exasterbated when I stepped into a huge pool of vomit in the elevator in my hotel that some considerate praton had left behind.

The rest of our time was spent doing nothing too exciting - except having fun at the various pubs and clubs littered around Bangkok and organising our trip to Cambodia. We will stay in Cambodia for about two weeks all up and return to Bangkok for New Year's where we will be meeting up with a friend of Lotte's from Holland.

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