The Beach

Submitted by derms on Thu, 09/12/2004 - 5:01am.

Today Lotte and I caught a bus to one of the Shangri-La Resorts in the North-West of Penang. It primarily caters to fat lazy white people who (being lazy) just want to lie around all day (thus making them more fat). It's pretty funny to see how many people will "tan" (ie burn) themselves only on one side.

The area itself was spectacular. The resort was nestled snuggly between the beach and and some the breathtakingly green hills. The true beauty of the place was not revealed until I went parasailing along the coast. It was an amazing feeling to gaze at the coastline while soaring so high through the air. I also went jet skiing, which was a hell of a lot of fun.

In other news, Lotte and I have decided to go to Bangkok and are heading there today.

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