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Submitted by derms on Wed, 08/12/2004 - 2:37pm.

Hey All. Have some new pics from our travels available on the site - from Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Penang. Enjoy.

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Submitted by naedy on Thu, 09/12/2004 - 2:40am.

ok where the hell was that yellow sign? also where did you discover that other poster? you should so send it in to roves what the? bad english translation is something you will become so familiar with haha!hint: the best place to find funny translations & rude words is most oftenly found as shop names so keep your eyes peeled, because i certainly found a few when i was there! have fun xoxox

Submitted by derms on Sat, 11/12/2004 - 8:44am.

the yellow sign was at the front of the snake temple in this post. It was the most interesting thing we saw there. The other poster was in Penang. There are so many bad english translations all around Malaysia, even in the's quite funny

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