A Time Now Lost

Submitted by derms on Wed, 08/12/2004 - 1:17pm.

Lotte and I spent today walking around the Georgetown (Penang) area. The "China Town" and "Little India" areas where the highlights.

Walking around China Town really gives your the feeling of stepping into the past - rundown old buildings peopled by equally rundown old men trying largely in vain to offload their ancient wares. Little India was quite amusing, it was like stepping into a different country - bad bangera music assaulting the ears at every turn and animated mannequins provding much amusement.

We also took in "Fort Cornwallis", which was the first thing built on this Island. Included in the fort is a statue of the man who founded Penang (it was originally an English trading port), but since no painting of the guy actually exists they used a portrait of his son to make the statue.

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